Australia’s hottest new accessory is a ready-to-drink, ready-to-wear beverages

Sip toward a greener, safer, spill-free future with MXTology—Australia’s first ready-to-drink wearable cocktails available nationwide from January 19. 

Created by Canberra based Adelaide born entrepreneur, big thinker and cocktail drinker Aaron Taylor, MXTology (pronounced mixed-ology) cocktails are served in recyclable 250 ml plastic pouches with a detachable lanyard for hands-free sipping. A resealable cap and a small spout dramatically reduce the risk of spilling your drink on dress, couch, or stranger on the dance floor compared to standard glassware. More importantly, they reduce the risk of drink spiking.  

“[pouches are simply a safer, more sustainable and convenient vessel to consume drinks from… we want people to be able to enjoy themselves freely without the worry of always keeping an eye on their drink…. not to mention the stress of spilling it everywhere],” says Aaron. 

Each cocktail has been expertly measured, muddled and mixed ensuring a perfectly balanced bev each and every time, with award-winning Australian Distilleries behind the blends. 

The debut collection will launch with five takes on classic cocktails best enjoyed in the sun:

    • Espresso Martini Australian Spiced Rum, Coffee Liquor, Cold Brew Coffee, Organic Sugar, Cinnamon & Vanilla
    • Elderflower Gin GimletNew World Aussie Gin, Fresh Lime Juice, Organic Sugar & Elderflower Extract
    • Tommy’s Margarita  — Top-shelf Tequila, Fresh Lime Juice, Agave Syrup
    • Fabulous AF Cosmo —  Fancy Australian Vodka, Cherry, Raspberry, Strawberry Syrup, Lime Juice, Pierre Ferrand Es Curacao, Caramel, Citric Acid
    • Mai Tai - Premium Australian Rums, Orgeat, Fresh Lime, Orange Liqueur 


Made from fully recyclable PET, PA and PE, the flat-pack pouches are 73% more efficient to produce, ship and recycle than traditional glass and aluminum, use 94% less water than glass to manufacture, and cut CO2 emissions by a hefty 82%. 

Within the next twelve months, MXTology’s eco efforts will be taken up a notch with a tree-planting initiative and pouches-to-post program. 

Aaron explains, “The end goal is to have them fully biodegradable and include a seed where you can plant a tree once you finish drinking. We’re also going to be turning our used pouches into fence posts for our eventual MXT Tin sand dune experience, then we’re not only making our pouches from a more sustainable material but also ensuring that they actually get recycled by taking responsibility for their return,” says Aaron. “Watch this space!” 

European Life Cycle Analysis conducted by the German based Energy and Environmental Research (IFEU):

The LCA was conducted by the highly respected German-based Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (ifeu), commissioned by Flexible Plastics Europe (FPE). It compared the environmental impacts of flexible pouches with glass jars and steel cans for pasta sauces and olives in the European market. Flexible pouches showed clear demonstrable environmental advantages over the two other formats. For example, with a 400g content a flexible pouch had a 63% lower climate change impact than a glass jar and a 69% lower impact than a steel can.


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